Who are we?

Our history

The creation of Good.ad came from a simple observation: In view of the challenges of tomorrow, media plans can also have an impact. Our ambition is to create a link between all the players in this ecosystem in order to build an advertising system that is better accepted, more contributive and more respectful of people and the environment.

Our team

Our values


By combining an advertiser with an association for an advertising campaign, we want to create solidarity advertising. The association, the advertiser and the Internet user unite for a just cause and we create with them a virtuous circle and a model with positive externalities.


We are committed to everyone. Advertisers: we guarantee advertising results with improved awareness. Associations: we guarantee visibility and a new source of income. Internet user: we are committed to enhancing the attention they pay to the customer's advertising message and we transform it into support for an association of their choice. Internet user: we are committed to enhancing the attention they pay to the customer's advertising message and we transform it into support for an association of their choice.


Solidarity advertising does not mean less efficient advertising. Quite the contrary! because the Internet user finds his account there, advertising performance is superior in terms of visibility or click-to-action. In addition to advertising effectiveness, brand image gains points because advertising is not suffered as it is often the case.


We want to create an inspiring and ambitious ecosystem and transform the advertising sector with more ethical and responsible advertising that adapts to all purchasing methods and all advertising budgets. We seek to provide a concrete solution, thanks to digital, to associations looking for a new source of donation and more visibility.


We want to be completely transparent about our donation system. First of all, remember that any alliance between an advertiser and an association is always made with the agreement of both parties. Then, for each advertising campaign, each time, 50% of the profit is donated to the association.

Our engagements

At good.ad we protect the planet through strong CSR commitments and the work of our teams.

We engage with Zei, measurer of our environmental and societal impact

Limit of our action

Pragmatic, we know that our model today has limits. We are starting to create solidarity advertising and it takes time, but we want to overcome these limits in the long term. Our teams work on it daily and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the following points:

Sensitive to environmental issues, we are aware that digital advertising has a carbon footprint. Our goal is to offer carbon-free advertising by offsetting each campaign with a leading partner in the field.

Ideally, doing solidarity and responsible advertising also means working with actors who are perfectly aligned in terms of speech and concrete actions on the ground. However, even if many are working on it, there is still a long way to go and for our initiative to be effective and meaningful, we still have to work with most of the actors who advertise except for a few, such as the big polluters by example, which are our red line.

Effective advertising is advertising that informs and educates about a product or service and does not idealize them, so as not to encourage overconsumption. It is a question of supporting the consumer in his choice, of guiding him rather than trying to sell him a product that he does not necessarily need.